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Mauritius Research and Innovation Council (MRIC)


The Mauritius Research Council (MRC) was set up in May 1992 (Act no. 10 of 1992) as an apex body to promote and co-ordinate national investment in research. In order to strengthen the mandate of the Council while taking into account the changes in the research and innovation landscape in Mauritius since 1992, the MRC Act has been amended in 2014. The MRC (Amendment) Act (2014) was proclaimed in September 2014.

Please click here  to download the MRIC ACT.


Objectives of the Council

The objectives of MRC as enunciated in the Act are to:

(a) Foster, promote and co-ordinate research and development in all spheres of scientific, technological, social and economic activities;

(b) Advise the government on all matters concerning scientific and technological policies;

(c) Lay guidelines for, and initiate the formulation of research and development policies on a national basis; and

(d) Encourage commercial utilisation of research and development results in the national interest.