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Mauritius Research and Innovation Council (MRIC)

MRIC Staff


SI NO. Name of Officer Designation
1 Dr Arjoon Suddhoo (ON LWP) Executive Director
2 Dr Nitin Gopaul Officer-in-charge
3 Mrs Poonam Veer-Ramjeawon Research Coordinator
4 Dr Madhvee Madhou Research Coordinator
5 Dr Vickram Bissonauth Research Coordinator
6 Dr Aveeraj Sharma Peedoly Research Officer
7 Mrs Havina Mungun-Jhurry System Administrator
8 Mrs Reesha Tooree-veerapen Accountant
9 Mrs Premila Doman Administrative Officer
10 Dr (Mrs) Roubeena Devi Jeetah-Rampadaruth Project Monitoring Officer
11 Mr Kiran Tatoree Research Assistant
12 Mr Koushul Narrain Research Assistant
13 Mr Faraaz Shamutally Research Assistant
14 Ms Madhu Jowahir (On LWP) Research Assistant
15 Ms Divya Naginlal Modi Research Assistant
16 Ms Chitra Ruhee Research Assistant
17 Ms Hanaa Saddiya Keenoo Research Assistant
18 Mr Yogesh Gajadur Research Assistant
19 Mr Muhammad Ziyaad Soreefan Research Assistant
20 Mr Pawan Hurnath Research Assistant
21 Dr (Mrs) Kajal Fowdar Research Assistant
22 Ms Hashita Joyram Research Assistant
23 Mrs chandranee Rughoobur Office Management Assistant
24 Mr Roopesh Jeelall Accounts Officer
25 Mr Eshenath Sharma Ramloll Accounts Officer
26 Ms Jashika Banshi Accounts Officer
27 Mrs Bina Padaruth Confidential Secretary
28 Mrs Mitzy Jean-Julie Confidential Secretary
29 Mrs Sattyambal Aroonassala Patten-Ramen Research Support Officer
30 Ms Poonam Gobin Management Support Officer
31 Mrs Bharatee Heeroo (On LWP) Management Support Officer
32 Ms Kirtika Sudhun Management Support Officer
33 Ms Manshi Seetaram Management Support Officer
34 Ms Beebee Nabiihah Khodabux Management Support Officer
35 Mrs Siddhee Bhojoo Sampat Management Support Officer
36 Ms Swetha Mahadooa Management Support Officer
37 Mrs Bibi Tanweer Soogun Management Support Officer
38 Mr Mehtasing Gunessee Safety and Health Officer (Part Time)
39 Mrs Christelle Sooprayenpille Receptionist/WPO
40 Mr Pravin Hungsraz Driver
41 Mr Abedeen Soogund Technician/Driver
42 Mr Ram  Jhoollun Driver/Office Attendant
43 Mr Bhaya Laximon Driver/Office Attendant
44 Mr Rajiv Kumar Gunga Office Attendant
45 Mr Vinod Teeluckdharee Driver/Office Attendant
MRC Rodrigues Office (Staff)  
46 Mr Joseph Jean Maurice Ravina Research Assistant
47 Ms Brenda Clair Research Assistant
48 Ms Jeanne Huguette Perrine Research Assistant
49 Mr Young Tie Yang Research Assistant