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Mauritius Research and Innovation Council (MRIC)

Outreach Sessions

​In the context of a broad-based education for the healthy and holistic development of young learners and as part of Co and Extra-Curricular Activities, the MRC has been successfully organising Research and Science Outreach activities since 2011. In the last four years, the outreach activities have been extended to 40 secondary schools reaching out to more than 4500 students in both Mauritius and Rodrigues.
The purpose of Research and Science Outreach programme was to bring research to the secondary schools and to create awareness, interest and motivation in young minds to undertake research. The interactive outreach sessions were beneficial to both the students as well as to the MRC staff in (a) reaching out (b) enlightening and (c) arousing interest in students on the importance of science and research.
As from this year, the Council is proposing to organize Innovation Outreach through Science and Research for Secondary School Students with a view to promote innovation in schools and colleges, create awareness, interest & motivation in young minds to undertake innovative projects and to enhance interest in science and technology.
Besides the above the Outreach team of the MRC also carries out a survey on “Assessment of Students’ Perception on Research and Innovation and Evaluation of Research, Science and Innovation Outreach”.  The aim of the survey is to (a) assess the students’ perception on research and innovation, and (b) evaluate the Research, Science and Innovation Outreach sessions.