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Mauritius Research and Innovation Council (MRIC)


MRC Funding Schemes

Can I apply for funding under the different MRC schemes at any time during the year?
The Council will advertise for one call for proposals in October every year depending on the availability of funds and applications will have to be submitted by the deadline as mentioned in the advert for consideration. Prospective applicants are advised to submit applications/proposals to the Council in response to a call for proposals.

Can I submit the same research application/proposal under more than 1 MRC scheme?
A research application/proposal should be submitted under the most appropriate MRC scheme and is not allowed to be submitted under more than one specific scheme. Funding cannot be requested for the same project under more than 1 scheme of the Council.

Will the MRC consider an application/proposal which has not been submitted using the appropriate templates and guidelines?
Applications/proposals submitted under any specific scheme should follow the guidelines and use the appropriate templates which are available on the MRC website. Applicants should submit their applications using the appropriate application form. Only applications which are submitted to the Council using appropriate templates and guidelines will be considered.

As far as the MPhil/PhD programme is concerned, can I accept the MRC Postgraduate Award and at the same time benefit from a scholarship for the same project with another institution?
No, an applicant whose project has been retained under the MPhil/PhD programme of the Council is not allowed to accept another scholarship for the same project from another awarding institution. Likewise, if an individual is already a recipient of a scholarship under the MPhil/PhD programme at another institution, that person is not eligible for an award by the MRC for the same project. The individual has an obligation to choose between the MRC award and a scholarship from another awarding institution.

MRC Reports

What is the procedure to request a copy of a report that has been produced by MRC?
A formal request addressed to the Executive Director should be sent to the Council to request either a soft (depending on availability) or hard copy version of a report produced by the MRC. A fee will be charged for the report. A discounted fee is charged to students and non-profit making organisations as compared to other categories of institutions and individuals.