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Mauritius Research and Innovation Council (MRIC)

MRIC Centres

Technology Transfer Office (TTO)

MRIC-Rodrigues Office

Centre for Applied Social Research (CASR)

​The Council is the home to four Centres which each operate within specific areas of Science, Research Technology and Innovation. It is important to note that these centres also provide consultancy services in their respective area of expertise.


TTO - Technology Transfer Office
The efficient transfer of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) to industry and business partners is increasingly a key objective for many research institutes. As a vehicle for implementing the appropriate transfer of IPR, a Technology Transfer Office (TTO) has been established within the MRIC to enhance cooperation between research institutes and industry.
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MRIC Rodrigues Office
The objectives of the MRIC Rodrigues Office are to:
• Address potential research gaps in Rodrigues
• Act as a platform for technology transfer between Mauritius and Rodrigues
• Promote Capacity Building in research and research related sectors.
The office is also means to promote the MRIC’s consultancy services in social research and market surveys between the two territories. In this context, 2 Research Assistants have been recruited in 2011 to operate the office.
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CASR - Centre for Applied Social Research
The Centre for Applied Social Research (CASR) is the social research arm of the Council. It has, over the years developed an expertise in carrying out nationwide social surveys as well as social research projects using a variety of relevant research methodologies. CASR undertakes all its research projects and its data collection with high standards of objectivity and academic rigour. The research outcomes of most of its studies are of direct policy relevance to address in a positive manner the problem areas investigated.
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