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Mauritius Research and Innovation Council (MRIC)

News & Events

The TTO has organised a number of workshop and events over the past few years.  A list of these events is provided below.  Presentations made during these events are listed below and have been made available for viewing with the permission of the author(s). Please note that copyright resides with the author(s) of the presentations.
1st Inventors' Open Day - 30 May 2012

• Fundamentals and Protection of IP
 o Presentation Part 1
 o Presentation Part 2
 o Presentation Part 3
Workshop Technology Transfer - 30 and 31 July 2012
2nd Inventors' Open Day - 17 Sept 2012

3rd Inventors' Open Day - 3 May 2013
4th Inventors' Open Day - 10 October 2013
5th Inventors' Open Day - 27 March 2014
6th Inventors' Open Day - 30 June 2015
• Programme
• Ravior

7th Inventor’s Open day – 29 October 2015
• Programme
• UBP Basalts Ltd
8th Inventor’s Open day – 29 June 2016
• APSA Presentation
• Meteo Presentation
9th Inventors’ Open Day - 29 September 2016
World IP Day 2019- 25 April 2019
Disclaimer: These presentations are intended to provide information in the area of intellectual property and should not be taken as legal advice or as a substitute for the official texts. While every effort has been made to give accurate and up to date information, no warranty is given as regards the completeness of the information therein provided, and no liability shall accrue as a result of the information provided. Readers should take advice from a qualified professional when dealing with specific situations or matters.