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National SME Incubator Scheme (NSIS)

Date: September 17, 2020


1. Background
The National SME Incubator Scheme (NSIS)  is one of the key schemes of the MRIC aiming at promoting initiation and development of innovative start-ups facilitated by a network of Private Sector-led accredited business incubators. 
The NSIS ensures a structured training/mentoring approach to start ups, provided by the NSIS Accredited Incubators in three phases:
i) Ideation: From idea to first plan.
ii) Incubation: From first plan to prototype.
iii) Acceleration: From prototype to first sales.
The NSIS has been in operation since December 2017, has incubated 148 projects, and graduated 13 start-ups as of September 2020. 

2. About NSIS
2.1. Incubation Phases of NSIS​
The NSIS provides assistance on three phases, namely:
  1. Pre-incubation phase: which targets individuals or group of individuals motivated to transform their innovative ideas into a potential business (a maximum amount of Rs 50,000 for 9 months);
  2. Incubation Phase: which focuses on Early Business Start-ups willing to reinforce their business venture while benefiting from the ecosystem provided by the accredited incubator (a maximum amount of Rs 400,000 for 18 months);
  3. Acceleration Phase: which involves established SMEs willing to expand their activities further with the expert advice/financial and technical support from Accredited Incubators (a maximum amount of Rs 300,000 for 6 months).

2.2. NSIS Accredited Incubators 
An NSIS Accredited Incubator is a not-for-profit, private sector-led Business Incubator whose purpose is to provide the necessary nurturing environment, training, coaching and support to incubatees to create a new and innovative business.

The NSIS came into operation since February 2017 and to date there are five (5) accredited incubators:

Accredited Incubator

​Contact Pers​on

​Email Phone​​ ​Website

​La Plage F​actory

Michel Cordani​ 



Diane Maigrot

​Verde Ventures Ltd ​Dirish Noonaram

Mauritius Africa Fintech Hub​ ​Michal Szymanski ​ ​5804 0709 ​
LinearArc Solutions Ltd​ ​Roshan Ramoly ​ ​467 8765/
5259 6226​
2.3. Funding

The MRIC part-funds the operational costs of the NSIS accredited Incubator. The incubatees are not funded directly by the NSIS.  

To date, the MRIC has funded a total of Rs 14.9M for the NSIS assisted projects

Allowable and non-allowable costs

The Incubators and incubatees are invited to check the following link​ regarding allowable and non-allowable costs.

3. Achievements

3.1 Graduates from the NSIS

13 start-ups have successfully graduated and are currently operating independently and are faring very well as per the Incubators’ report.

Graduated fro​m TURBINE Incubator Ltd:
  • ​AVR Technologies Ltd, Fancy Dreams Ltd, Fundkiss Technologies Ltd, Conscious Travel Ltd, Dodoworkplay Ltd, ConnectMe, Katapult and Mode2vi
Graduated from at VERDE VENTURES LTD:

  • ​​​MyCart, Ogment Co Ltd, Vergers des Fruits Crystallises, Orient'U Ltd and Ausum Ltd
​​​Graduated from at La Plage Factory: Incubation to Acceleration  
  • Rwazi; MauSafe and Panda & Wolf
3.2 Incubatees from Dec 2017 to Sept 2020

Since December 2017 to Sep 2020, the NSIS has incubated 148 projects.

  • ​13 start ups as highlighted above, have successfully graduated
  • 64 projects have successfully completed the pre-incubation phases but the project leaders were not willing to continue with the business implementation.
  • 15 projects have been terminated prematurely or stopped their incubation phases due to lack of involvement of project leaders and unsatisfactory progress
  • 1 project is paused due to the Covid-19
  • 21 projects progressed from the Pre-Incubation phase to the Incubation phase
  • 3 projects progressed from the Incubation phase to the acceleration phase
  • 17 new project proposals & awaiting signature of contract
  • 14 projects are currently ongoing with their respective incubation phases.  

 4. How to Apply

5. Contact us:​

For More information, please contact us:

Mauritius Research and Innovation Council

6th Floor Ebène Heights Building, Ebène 72201

Contact us on: + 230 465 1235

Last Updated: 17 September 2020 

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