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National SME Incubator Scheme (NSIS)

Date: January 15, 2021


The National SME Incubator Scheme (NSIS)  is one of the key schemes of the MRIC aiming at promoting initiation and development of innovative start-ups facilitated by a network of Private Sector-led accredited business incubators. 
The NSIS ensures a structured training/mentoring approach to start ups, provided by the NSIS Accredited Incubators in three phases:
i) Ideation: From idea to first plan.
ii) Incubation: From first plan to prototype.
iii) Acceleration: From prototype to first sales.
The NSIS has been in operation since December 2017, has incubated 181 projects, and graduated 13 start-ups as of January 2021. 

2.1. Incubation Phases of NSIS​
The NSIS provides assistance on three phases, namely:
  1. Pre-incubation phase: which targets individuals or group of individuals motivated to transform their innovative ideas into a potential business (a maximum amount of Rs 50,000 for 9 months);
  2. Incubation Phase: which focuses on Early Business Start-ups willing to reinforce their business venture while benefiting from the ecosystem provided by the accredited incubator (a maximum amount of Rs 400,000 for 18 months);
  3. Acceleration Phase: which involves established SMEs willing to expand their activities further with the expert advice/financial and technical support from Accredited Incubators (a maximum amount of Rs 300,000 for 6 months).

2.2. NSIS Accredited Incubators 
An NSIS Accredited Incubator is a not-for-profit, private sector-led Business Incubator whose purpose is to provide the necessary nurturing environment, training, coaching and support to incubatees to create a new and innovative business.

The NSIS came into operation since February 2017 and to date there are five (5) accredited incubators:

Accredited Incubator

​Contact Pers​on

​Email Phone​​ ​Website

​La Plage F​actory

Michel Cordani​ 



Diane Maigrot

​Verde Ventures Ltd ​Dirish Noonaram

Mauritius Africa Fintech Hub​ ​Michal Szymanski ​ ​5804 0709 ​
LinearArc Solutions Ltd​ ​Roshan Ramoly ​ ​467 8765/
5259 6226​
2.3. Funding
The MRIC part-funds the operational costs of the NSIS accredited Incubator. The incubatees are not funded directly by the NSIS.  

To date, the MRIC has funded a total of Rs 17M for the NSIS assisted projects

Allowable and non-allowable costs

The Incubators and incubatees are invited to check the following link​ regarding allowable and non-allowable costs.


3.1 Graduates from the NSIS
13 start-ups have successfully graduated and are currently operating independently and are faring very well as per the Incubators’ report.

Graduated fro​m TURBINE Incubator Ltd:
  • ​AVR Technologies Ltd, Fancy Dreams Ltd, Fundkiss Technologies Ltd, Conscious Travel Ltd, Dodoworkplay Ltd, ConnectMe and Mode2vi
Graduated from at VERDE VENTURES LTD:

  • ​​​MyCart, Ogment Co Ltd, Vergers des Fruits Crystallises, Orient'U Ltd and Ausum Ltd
​​​Graduated from at LA PLAGE FACTORY: 
  • Rwazi
Incubation to Acceleration
  • MauSafe and Panda & Wolf




3.2 Incubatees from Dec 2017 to Jan 2021

Since December 2017 to Jan 2021, the NSIS has incubated 181 projects.




5.1. Register as a new incubatee:
Candidates willing to enroll as incubatee of the NSIS should at first choose one accredited incubator (from the above list) under which they wish to be incubated. The Candidate, together with the NSIS Accredited Incubator shall need to fill in the following two forms​
Incubators willing to get NSIS Accreditation are advised to read the NSIS guidelines and should they be eligible to apply using the link below:​


The form below is to be used by current Accredited Incubators to report the progress of their incubatees​



For More information, please contact us:

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Contact us on: + 230 465 1235

Last Updated: 15 January  2021 

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