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Mauritius Research and Innovation Council (MRIC)
Mauritius Research and Innovation Council (MRIC)>Global Innovation Index Report 2020

Global Innovation Index Report 2020

The Global Innovation Index is a source of insight into the multidimensional facets of innovation-driven growth. Providing 80 detailed metrics for 131 economies, GII has become one of the leading references for measuring an economy’s innovation performance. The GII consists of seven pillars, five of which are classified as inputs and the re​maining two as outputs.

The Republic of Mauritius has significantly improved its ranking from 82 to 52 in 2020. Mauritius is ranked 1st in the Sub-Saharan Africa.  Major improvements have been observed for the following pillars:​

  1.      Institutions -Gain of 40 positions from rank 62 to 22
  2.      Human Capital and Research- Gain of 12 positions from rank 77 to 69.
  3.      Market Sophistication- Gain of 27 positions from rank 43 to 16.
  4.      Knowledge and Technology outputs – Gain of 37 positions from rank 116 to 79.
  5.      Creative Outputs- Gain of 30 posit​ions from rank 73 to 43.

The report clearly mentions that the positive ranking of Mauritius is attributed to by a “mix of new data availability, data revisions at the source, and performance effects”. Furthermore it states that ‘In particular, Mauritius displays the most notable rank change this year. More complete innovation data, data revisions at source, performance improvements, and model changes explain Mauritius’s rise in the rankings’.

The complete report is available on


   ​Last updated: 04 September 2020​​​