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Mauritius Research and Innovation Council (MRIC)
Mauritius Research and Innovation Council (MRIC)>Special Call for Proposals - Fast-track innovative projects to counter the impacts of COVID-19

Special Call for Proposals - Fast-track innovative projects to counter the impacts of COVID-19

A Special Call for Proposals was launched by the Council to encourage entrepreneurs, academics, researchers, enterprises and start-ups implement short- and medium-term projects that aim at improving and accelerating the Government’s response to the challenges posed by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and eventually contribute to counter the impacts and planning beyond of this deadly pandemic.

Support under this Special Call was targeted on two fronts, namely:

I. Technology-based products and services; and

II. Social and policy measures

The deadline for applications was 17th April 2020 at 14 hrs.

As a result of this Special Call for Proposals, the MRIC has received a total of 252 applications with the amount being requested from the MRIC amounting to MUR 315 Million.  Proposals were submitted by entrepreneurs, enterprises, research institutions and other stakeholders.

The applications were evaluated by a special independent panel. Below is the list of proposals which have been retained so far and for which contracts have already been signed with the applicant. These projects cover a broad range of areas such as: food security, e-learning, protective equipment, medical services related, impact assessment, improved and targeted support to vulnerable groups, products and solutions for reducing and containing the virus.

Technology-based Products and Services   ​​
Project Title Company/Institution​ Amount funded​ by MRIC
​1 ​Smart Sanitizer ​Bonnier Group Ltd ​525,000
​2 ​Reusable nanofiber cellulose face mask for viral protection  ​University of Mauritius ​2,000,000
​3 ​In silico identification of new antiviral pharmacophores from the floral biodiversity and approved phytochemicals in the fight against COVID-19 (PHYTO-COVID-19) ​University of Mauritius ​549,880
​4 ​Design and Development of Isolating Pods to Prevent the Spread of the Coronavirus to be used in Hospitals as well as for Domestic Use. ​University of Mauritius ​223,500
​5 ​Discover Mauritius™ Mobile App for Health and Safety Alerts ​Panda and Wolf Holding ​360,000
​6 ​Organic horticulture kit for households ​Organic Tropical Agriculture (OTA) Ltd ​839,706
​7 ​Healthlog ​Ogment Co Ltd 692,000
​8 ​AideMoris: Assisting senior citizens in Mauritius during home confinement ​ATech Ltd 350,000​
​9 ​DISINFECT (Decontamination & Integrated Sensing Intelligent Nodes for Fever Electronically Computed via Temperature) ​Middlesex University, Mauritius 285​​,999
​10 ​Cart Disinfectant for proper hygiene ​Secret Grand Mere Co Ltd 643,010​
​11 ​​Sustainable home farming ecosystem security supporting food security and democratisation of urban aquafarming in Mauritius Region ​Fish and Veggies Ltd 1,980,785​
​12 ​anAngel blockchain powered volunteering platform​ ​​Ecosis (Mtius) Ltd ​905,000
​13 ​Inline QOMS ​Ogment Co Ltd 502,000​
​14 ​Gigrbit ​Gigr Talent Ltd ​810,000
​15 Development and testing of a prototype face shield/visor and face mask buckle for the safety and protection for vulnerable and essential service workers in Mauritius ​University of Technology, Mauritius 384,000​
​Keepmaking Contracting Ltd ​290,000
​17 ​pazble ​Intelitegen Limited 339,000​
​18 ​PSA (Professional Services App) ​Acuity Consulting Ltd ​250,000
​19 ​AgriTec (Smart Solution for Agriculture) ​Harel Mallac Technologies Ltd ​​1,465,586
Social and Policy Measures​​ ​ ​ ​​
Project Title Company/Institution​ Amount funded by MRIC​
​1 ​A Practical-home schooling toolkit for carers and parents  ​Regional Training Centre (Societe Omnicane, Alteo et Terra) 370,000​
​2 ​Ensuring food security in the era of Covid  ​Foodwise Ltd  920,000​
​3 ​Ensuring quality in online teaching and delivery in higher education institutions in Mauritius in line with SDG4 ​University of Mauritius 412,625​
​4 ​Impact of COVID-19 on Trade, FDI and Employment in Mauritius ​University of Mauritius​ ​404,100
​5 ​Ready to Thrive ​Future Females Invest 830,500​
​6 ​Geospatial mapping of community vulnerability levels of COVID-19 in Mauritius​ ​University of Mauritius 435,150​
​7 ​Survey on knowledge, perceptions, Behaviour and impact of COVID-19 in the Island of Mauritius ​Mauritius Institute of Health ​437,800

Last Updated: 03 September 2020​