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Mauritius Research and Innovation Council (MRIC)
Mauritius Research and Innovation Council (MRIC)>Unsolicited Research and Innovation Grant Scheme

Unsolicited Research and Innovation Grant Scheme

​Purpose of the Scheme

The Unsolicited Research and Innovation Grant Scheme (URIGS) is essentially a bottom-up approach to the promotion and exploitation of research, whereby the Council invites researchers and research institutions to submit proposals. Proposals that are multi-disciplinary and involve inter-institutional or inter-departmental collaboration are particularly encouraged. Proposals are selected for funding based on their potential research value and strategic importance.
Individuals or teams usually initiate proposals which are then officially submitted to the Council through their provider institutions. Researchers from local tertiary education institutes, research institutes, parastatals bodies, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) with sound research credential are encouraged to submit proposals under this scheme.
Before preparing a formal submission, prospective applicants may discuss their project ideas with MRC staff. This will enable them to verify the relevance of their research proposal with the MRC’s areas of priority/interest as well as to ensure its originality.
Application Procedure
Proposals submitted to the MRC should conform to the instructions provided in the URGS Guidelines for Applicants.  Proposals that are not consistent with these instructions will need to be amended before being considered by the Council.
The format of the proposal should comprise the following sections:
• Cover sheet
• Project summary
• Project justification
• Project description
• Project activities, cost components and milestones
• Validation and dissemination of results
• Prior research work
• Results from previous MRC support
• References cited
Evaluation Criteria
After satisfying the internal MRC screening, proposals are sent for external review either locally and/or internationally. Applications are rated on the following:
• Intellectual merit
• Relevance to national priority
• Manageability
• Potential for application
• Capacity building
Click here to download the Guidelines including the application form for this scheme.