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Mauritius Research and Innovation Council (MRIC)

Intellectual Property Promotion Scheme (IPPS)

Purpose of the Scheme

The purpose of this scheme is to encourage individuals, enterprises, industry and R&D institutions to take advantage of the mechanisms for protecting innovation currently offered by the industrial property system in Mauritius. The IPPS, which operates as a joint collaboration between the Mauritius Research and Innovation Council (MRIC) and the Industrial Property Office (IPO), aims to boost creativity and innovation, initially through support towards applications made for the grant of Patents and registration of Industrial Designs.
Promotion of Patents
The aim is to encourage participation from any field of technology, involving individuals, entrepreneurs, SMEs, industry, scientists and researchers, to apply for Patent protection of their innovations that are new, involve an inventive step towards solving a technical problem and can be exploited commercially.
Promotion of Industrial Designs
Aims to complement the protection and exploitation of innovation in Mauritius by encouraging public and private participation from any field of design and technology to apply for Industrial Design protection of the shape, configuration, pattern or ornament that they have created and which can be applied to an article by any industrial process.
Patent and Industrial Design applications can be submitted by individuals, groups/teams, or organisations. This scheme is therefore open to SMEs, industry, public and private institutions, teaching, training and research institutions, and the public.
• The applicant must be a Mauritian national, or in the case of an organisation/company must be registered in Mauritius.
• The applicant must be the true owner of the intellectual property.
• The items eligible for claims under the IPPS shall be limited to 50% of the official fees for filing of applications for the grant of a Patent or registration of an Industrial Design.
The IPPS shall not cover the costs incurred beyond the initial application stage. In particular, the reimbursement under the IPPS shall not cover the cost of renewing an IP registration or maintaining an IP application/registration, or matters relating to the defence of an IP, R&D costs, charges arising from the licensing or assignment or the transfer of rights, or charges for conducting searches.
Click here to download the guidelines for this scheme.