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Mauritius Research and Innovation Council (MRIC)

Pole of Innovation Grant Scheme (PoIGS)

The Mauritius Research and Innovation Council (MRIC) operating under the aegis of the Ministry of Information Technology, Communication and Innovation is inviting prospective applicants to submit proposals under the Pole of Innovation Grant Scheme. The Grant aims to enhance the impact of Research and Innovation on the economic development of the Republic of Mauritius by promoting creation of innovative products/services and goods and spurring innovation through advanced research and partnerships among local institutions and/or companies and/or international stakeholders. Relevant Ministries/Parastatal bodies, local academic and research institutions, both the public and private sectors and Non-Governmental Organizations are eligible for this scheme. 


An indicative list of priority areas for potential proposals is as follows: 


1. Renewable Energy

2. Ocean/Marine Technology, Resources and Services

3. Emerging Technologies including Artificial Intelligence, FinTech, Blockchain, ICT and Cloud Computing.

4. Life Sciences (including Health, Medical, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology)

5. Manufacturing and Food Processing

6. Social Sciences

7. Sustainable Tourism 

8. Smart Agriculture 


The maximum grant allocated to successful applicants is Rs 9 million per pole, with an annual maximum ceiling of Rs 3 million, for a duration of 36 months. In exceptional cases and by providing sound justifications, the annual ceiling could be increased to a maximum of Rs 5 million, provided that the total amount requested from MRIC remains Rs 9 million, spread over a maximum period of 36 months.

The applicant will have to match the funding requested from the MRIC, both In Cash and In Kind. 

Expression of Interest
Prospective applicants are requested to forward their proposals to the Council using appropriate templates and guidelines which can be downloaded from the MRIC Website.  
Only applications/ proposals which are submitted to the Council using appropriate templates and guidelines will be considered. 
Effective Date and Deadline 


All applications should be forwarded to the Executive Director of the MRIC in an envelope clearly labeled “Call for Proposals – PoIGS” on the top right-hand side at latest by 15th January 2021 at 15.00hrs. Awards will be made on the merits of the proposal and on a competitive basis. 
The deadline for submission of proposals has been​ extended to Tuesday, 02nd ​February 2021  at 15.00hrs.​

Funded Poles of Innovation​


Please find below the titles of the Poles of Innovation which are being funded by the Council:​

​​ ​Title of Pole of Innovation Company/Institution Amount funded by MRIC
​1 ​UoM Pole of Innovation for Health- MRIC funded​
​University of Mauritius ​8,802,700
​2 ​MSIRI/MRIC Pole of Innovation for Biotechnology ​Mauritius Sugarcane Industry Research Institute ​6,775,000
​3 ​UoM/MRIC Pole of Innovation: Agriculture- Sustainable Materials for Composite Applications ​University of Mauritius ​8,775,000​
​4 ​ABC-SWBP/MRIC Pole of Innovation for Innovative Seaweed-based Products ​ABC Group / S.W. Bio Processors Ltd (ABC-SWBP) ​8,986,200


Contact Details
The Executive Director,
 Mauritius Research and Innovation Council
Level 6, Ebène Heights, 34 Cybercity, 72201, Ebène
Tel: (230) 465 1235    Fax: (230) 465 1239    Email:
 The MRIC reserves the right not to accept applications deemed irrelevant following this advertisement.
15 January​ 2021