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Call for Proposals


Apply for a Grant under the Proof of Concept Scheme

The Mauritius Research and Innovation Council (MRIC), operating under the aegis of the Ministry of Information Technology, Communication and Innovation, is inviting proposals under the Proof-of-Concept Scheme. The aim of the PCS is to assist innovators in advancing their research outputs and ideas with a view to developing prototypes, establishing proof of concept and validating business cases.



Eligibility for a funding of up to MUR 2 Million for a project with a duration of no more than 24 months. The project should be aligned with the objectives and priorities of the funding scheme and demonstrate potential impact and innovation.

Thematic Areas

Proposals must be aligned with national thematic areas identified in the National Research and Innovation Roadmap 2023-2027:

  1. Financial Innovation

  2. Blue and Green Innovation

  3. Health and Wellness Innovation

  4. Travel, Tourism and Entertainment Innovation

  5. Social and Grassroots Innovation

  6. IT and Emerging Technologies Innovation

  7. Rodrigues Innovation

How to Apply?

Details, Application form, guidelines and other relevant information can be found on: can be accessed through this link.


Two Awareness Sessions on the Grant Application Process for the Proof of Concept Scheme will be held online on the 15th and 21st of February 2024.


The purpose of the webinars is to provide potential applicants with a detailed overview of the scheme, its main features, and the steps involved in applying and evaluation. Potential applicants will also be guided on how to complete the application form, including the administrative, technical, and financial aspects. This is a great opportunity to gain useful knowledge and have your questions answered.

Awareness Session


15th February 2024 at 10am

Awareness Session


21 February 2024

at 10 am


Please note that the final date and time for submitting an application is Thursday, 7th of March 2024 at 3:00 pm.


Late submissions will not be accepted.

All queries should be addressed to following email:

Incomplete applications will not be considered. An automated message will be sent to the recipient upon receipt of the email.

For assistance, please fill this form and our staff will reach out.

In compliance with the Data Protection Act 2017 of the Republic of Mauritius, all personal information submitted along with the proposal shall be solely used for (i) processing and evaluation of the  application and (ii) monitoring and evaluation of any approved project. 

09 February 2024

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