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The main applicant must be one of the following:

  • i. A Company (including MSMEs, large enterprises) should be registered with the Registrar of Companies in the Republic of Mauritius for at least one year.

  • ii. An Organisation/Association including Non-Governmental Organisations should be registered with the Registrar of Associations in the Republic of Mauritius for at least one year.

  • iii. An Academic Institution (recognised/ accredited tertiary education institutions or Technical and Vocational Education and Training institutions) registered with the Higher Education Commission for at least one year.

  • iv. A Public/Private Research Institution in the Republic of Mauritius in existence for at least one year.

  • v. Government Institution or Parastatal Bodies

Eligibility of the Project Leader

The Project Leader must be employed by the enterprise, company or institution submitting the project proposal. For administrative purposes, all correspondence will be addressed to the Project Leader. If the Project Leader is not a citizen of Mauritius, the Project Leader is required to provide the Council with copies of the passport, Residence/Occupation Permit and/or work permit covering the duration of the project period and ensure that at least one team member is of Mauritian nationality. The individual who is proposed as the Project Leader at the time of the submission of the proposal is expected to be the Project Leader at the time of the inception of the grant. A change in Project Leader prior to an award could affect whether an award will be made. The Project Leader shall be nominated by the institution submitting the proposal.

Other eligibility criteria

  • No awards will be made to applicants who      are already recipient of full project funding from other agencies for the      same activities of a same or similar project.

  • An institution is not allowed to submit      more than two (2) applications at the same time for funding      considerations, under a Research and Innovation Grant Scheme or a specific      Call for Proposals.

Dispute Settlement

Any dispute or difference arising out of the interpretation or implementation of the project shall be settled amicably or through recourse to arbitration. The partners shall mutually agree on the appointment of an arbitrator.

Accuracy of Information - The proposing organisation and the Co-Project Leaders are responsible for the accuracy and validity of all the administrative, fiscal, and scientific information in the proposal. Deliberate withholding, falsification, or misrepresentation of information could result in administrative action such as declination of a proposal or the suspension and/or termination of an award as well as possible criminal penalties.

Audits - Projects are subject to regular technical and financial audits by MRIC or independent assessors to be appointed by MRIC. Unsatisfactory reports may lead to termination of the award and reimbursement of funds.

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