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Collaborative Research and Innovation Grant Scheme (CRIGS)

Promoting collaborative projects between private sector and research
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The Research and Development Working Group (RDWG), co-chair by the Mauritius Research and Innovation Council (MRIC) and Business Mauritius (BM). is inviting local companies to submit proposals for innovative collaborative research and development projects with commercial potential, in partnership with local Academic/Research/Tertiary Education Institutions(s).



The main applicant must be a local/private company and it should be registered at the Registrar of Companies in the Republic of Mauritius for at least 1 year.

The main applicant must have a research collaborator from the public and/or private Academic/Research/Tertiary Education Institution(s) which is involved in research.

Priority Areas
Expression of interest
Effective Dates
Useful Documents
How to apply

Funded Project
Please find below list of projects which are being funded by the Council:​


  1. Mobile Adaptation of the Flash-Based Edutainment Website Project Completed

  2. Coal Ash for partial cement replacement- Project Completed

  3. Basaltic filler for partial cement replacement- Project Completed

  4. Healthcare Information System- Project Completed

  5. Sugarcane Trash to Energy - Project Completed

  6. Adding Value to Mauritian Sugars and By-products- Project Completed

  7. Adding Value to Mauritian Refined Cane Sugar- Project Completed 

  8. ​Innovative and environmentally friendly products from recycling of the different components of the refrigerator- Project Completed

  9. Innovative Products from Recycling of Waste Glass including Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) glass- Project completed

  10. Determining the optimum thermal processing conditions for octopus packed in retort pouches - Project Completed

  11. Design and Evaluation of a Small Mechanical Cane Harvester - Project Completed

  12. Abating Water Pollution from oil Refinery effluents using reed beeds

  13. Evidencing Mauritian Potential for Waste to Energy Recovery Systems (EMPOWERS)


  15. Greener Paints for a smarter Mauritius

  16. Arundo Donax Viable Alternative Towards National Clean Energy Development (ADVANCED) - Project Completed

  17. Unveiling the commercial potential of the mauritian produced cocoa butter for local and international markets using a biotechnology approach

  18. Product enhancement and product development based on Morinda citrifolia

  19. Establishment of a new diagnostic method for detection of non-solid tumors in Mauritius
  20. Next Generation Field Service Management Solution

Only applications/proposals which are submitted to the Council using appropriate templates and guidelines will be considered.
The MRIC reserves the right not to accept applications deemed irrelevant following this advertisement.

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