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MRIC – Rodrigues Branch

The Rodrigues Branch of the MRI​C was launched at Port Mathurin on 31st October 2011.

Main objectives :

1. Address potential research and innovation gaps in Rodrigues

2.Act as a platform for technology transfer between Mauritius and Rodrigues

3. Promote Capacity Building in research and innovation related sectors.

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Right to left: Mr  Joseph Jean Maurice Ravina,Ms Justine Marie Perrine,Ms Brenda Clair,Mr Young Tie Yang

​The branch has spearheaded a number of new initiatives in Rodrigues, including research projects on seaweed, capacity building of researchers in writing of research proposals, capacity building of women entrepreneurs in seaweed farming and processing, formulation of policy and strategy documents on Science, Technology and Innovation and providing scientific advice on various programs undertaken in Rodrigues.


The staff of the Rodrigues Branch is closely involved with the community in Rodrigues and promotes collaborative Research and Development with researchers from various commissions and departments as well as entrepreneurs and other members of the community. Such clusters have led to translation of Research and Innovation into concrete output such as the set up of the Seaweed Multipurpose Cooperative Society Ltd, the Seaweed Farm in Petite Butte, the manufacture and sale of seaweed based food products on the market and the manufacture of furniture/handicraft with ‘pikan loulou’ (Acacia nilotica) on a pilot scale. Most recently in 2021, the MRIC Branch has been involved in the management of the MRIC Rodrigues Research and Innovation Grant Scheme to encourage researchers and innovators to conduct Research and Innovation Initiatives on the island.

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