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Technology Transfer Office

Setting up a Technology Transfer Office (TTO)

The efficient transfer of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) to industry and business partners is increasingly a key objective for many research institutes. As a vehicle for implementing the appropriate transfer of IPR, a Technology Transfer Office (TTO) can enhance cooperation between research institutes and industry. The potential income from licensing out technology and/or forming start-up companies can be an important factor to consider when developing strategies based upon value creation and exploitation of IP assets in the local context – with benefits that can reach across research institutions, enterprises and society at large. In this context, a TTO has been established within the MRIC.

The main services which will be offered are as follows:

• Creating awareness and providing training on Technology Transfer (TT) amongst stakeholders

• Developing policies and procedures for TT processes

• Undertaking technology evaluation and facilitating protection

• Conducting market surveys for technologies developed by researchers with a view to licensing and commercial development

• Assisting in negotiations with suitable technology commercialisation partners

• Assisting with drafting of legal documentation for commercialisation (licence agreements, formation of spin-off or joint venture companies)

•Monitoring revenue generation and distribution from licensed technologies/services

Services offered by the TTO

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