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Centre for Applied Social Research (CASR)

Crime and safety


The Centre for Applied Social Research (CASR) is the social research arm of the Council. It has, over the years, developed an expertise in carrying out nationwide social surveys as well as social research projects using a variety of relevant research methodologies.



CASR undertakes all its research projects and its data collection with high standards of objectivity and academic rigour. The research outcomes of most of its studies are of direct policy relevance to address in a positive manner the problem areas investigated.

Research Areas

The research areas in which CASR has been involved encompass a wide range of social issues including work and employment, crime and safety, gender-based violence, governance, vulnerable groups as well as attitudinal surveys on specific areas such as quality of life, implementation of summertime, teenage suicidal behaviour, social fabric, etc…



CASR is best known for large scale, face to face survey research – a method of enquiry we have done much to develop over nearly 10 years setting the benchmark for high quality, ethically conducted social research.



Our staff are well trained in SPSS which makes analysis of quantitative information fast and efficient and we tap in a pool of experienced interviewers and expert consultants for every project.



CASR has also been at the forefront of the development of qualitative social research. Many of our studies combine qualitative and survey methods and other approaches such as desk-based literature reviews and secondary analysis of existing datasets.  In short, while our origins may lie in social surveys, our capabilities have since long expanded to encompass the full range of methodological approaches. The methods are chosen to fit the research topic being addressed. But whatever the chosen method, it is rigorously and expertly applied. 

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