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Research and Innovation Bridges (RIB)

Building Research and Innovation Bridges through bilateral and multilateral partnerships


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Under the Research and Innovation Bridges (RIB), a local company in partnership with an international company/Research institution can submit applications for innovative, collaborative research and development projects with commercial potential.


Objective of any project should be to:


  • To improve competitiveness of the company through a collaboration between Research and Industry.

  • To develop a new/ improved product, process, and/or technique



It is mandatory to have at least two (2) partners for any application: one (1) from the private sector and one (1) from an international company/research institution. The main applicant must be the private sector company and it should be registered for at least one year in the Republic of Mauritius.


The two partners may include other local/international collaborators from either the private sector or the academia/research

Priority area
how to apply

Funded Projects
Please find below list of projects which are being funded by the Council:

Only applications/proposals which are submitted to the Council using appropriate templates and guidelines will be considered.

The MRIC reserves the right not to accept applications deemed irrelevant following this advertisement.

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