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Site Visit: Immersive Discovery: 3D Virtual Visit of n National Heritage Site

The project was funded by the MRIC under the Innovation Boost Grant Scheme under the Travel, Tourism and Entertainment Thematics.

The Project Leader is Mr Thamlassen Sungaralingum from Hinode Smart Solutions Ltd. Through this project, a bespoke interactive and immersive 3D virtual tour of Apravasi Ghat, a significant National Heritage Site, was created.

In this context the Minister of Information Technology, Communication and Innovation, Mr Darsanand Balgobin, accompanied by the Minister of Arts and Cultural Heritage, Mr Avinash Teeluck, and the Director of Aapravasi Ghat Trust Fund, Mr Hariduth Ramgoolam, and Executive Director of MRIC, Prof Theesan Bahorun, made a site visit to take stock of progress of the 3D virtual visit of the National Heritage Site Synopsis on Thursday 4th of April 2024.

The virtual tour will be accessible through a dedicated app for the Metaverse, as well as Android and Apple apps for viewing on mobile devices and iPads.
The virtual tour provides a detailed exploration of Apravasi Ghat, offering visitors an engaging and informative experience. The tour includes a wealth of integrated information, such as the history of Apravasi Ghat and a detailed explanation of its significance. Visitors are able to delve into the rich history of Apravasi Ghat, learn about its cultural importance, and understand its significance in the context of indentured laborers.



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