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Innovation Box Regime
Application Form

Instructions to Applicants

  • Applicants should take utmost care to provide the correct details while filling in the online application form. Once the form is submitted, it cannot be edited.

  • A valid email address should be provided below. All correspondences will be sent to same.

  • After submission, a confirmation email will be received. The filled in application form with the Reference Number will be attached in the email.

  • All supporting documents should be provided on quoting the Reference Number.

  • All information disclosed in the present application form shall remain confidential between any and all parties involved in the assessment of the Project in the context of the Innovation Box Regime.

  • In case of difficulty to fill in the online application form, please contact the MRIC on 465 1235 or via email on

DISCLAIMER: The assessment which may be rendered by the MRIC (and/or its service providers) as to the innovative and/or potentially patentable nature of the project submitted shall in no way prejudge the conclusions that may be reached by the Industrial Property Office of Mauritius on the matter.

For Application form, please click here.

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