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South Africa – Mauritius Joint Technology Innovation Program

The purpose of the SA-Mauritius Joint Call for Proposals is to facilitate partnership between South African and Mauritius start-ups, MSMEs and large enterprises, (in collaboration with national research and/or higher education institutions in both countries, where relevant/appropriate) for collaborative research, development and innovation (RDI) projects with commercial potential.

This Joint Call for Proposals is NOW closed.


In January 2020, the Mauritius Research and innovation Council (MRIC) together with the Technology Innovation Agency (TIA) of South Africa signed an important collaboration agreement that is intended to further enable the promotion of targeted social impact and market-oriented research cooperation and technology innovation partnerships between the two countries.

Following from this, TIA and MRIC hereby invite interested participants to submit applied research and innovation project proposals with a focus on real-world solutions for the:

  • Green and Blue Economies;

  • Smart Agriculture and Life Sciences;

  • Manufacturing;

  • Social Impact Innovation;and

  • Emerging Sectors.

This Call for Proposals will follow a two-step process, wherein the first step entails the submission of a Concept Note, following joint-assessments successful Concept Notes will be invited to submit a full joint project proposal. For more information on the Call and to access the Concept Note template, please visit the any of the following websites TIA ( and MRIC (

About the project partner

Technology Innovation Agency (TIA) was established in terms of the Technology Innovation Agency Act, (No. 26 of 2008), to support the State in stimulating and intensifying technological innovation to improve economic growth and the quality of life of all South Africans by developing and exploiting technological innovations.


To be considered, and to qualify, for this Call applicants / projects:

Are developing Solutions for the Green and Blue Economies; Smart Agriculture and Life Sciences; Manufacturing; Social Impact Innovation; and Emerging Sectors.

The proposed technology product, process or service must be innovative, and there must be a technological risk involved. In addition, there must at least be a proof of concept in place.

The consortium must have start-ups/MSME/large enterprises and research institutions from both countries willing to enter into a partnership agreement with partner organisations in South Africa and Mauritius.

Must be a registered start-up/MSME/large enterprise in line with the relevant South Africa and Mauritius legislation.

Partnering start-ups/MSME/large enterprises from the two countries must not be subsidiaries.

Clearly show and motivate potential for South Africa and Mauritius markets.

Have a civilian purpose.

Have an obvious advantage and added value resulting from the cooperation between the participants, (e.g. joint technology developement opportunities, commercial leads, access to markets etc).

The involvement of South African or Mauritian Post Graduates students is encouraged in line with the Skills and Knowledge Transfer objectives.

A signed Partnership Agreement is mandatory before the actual start of the project. The Agreement will include the ownership and use of know-how and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) settlements.


The funding provided is considered as grant funding.

A clear unique value/ selling proposition of the product or technology must be indicated.

Protected or protectable intellectual property (IP) is preferred.

The combined total value of project funding, to be contributed in equal part by TIA and MRIC, up to R1 Million for South African applicants and up to MUR 2 Million (subject to exchange rates) for Mauritian Applicants will be provided per project.

Applicants are advised to demonstrate their contribution to the project. The applicant’s contribution can be in-cash and/or in-kind.

The duration of the project must not exceed 24 months.


Applications to this Call for Proposals includes a two-step process as follows:

 -   Interested parties will submit a Project Concept Note Application form on 30th October 2020 by no later than 14h00 (Central               African Time) / 16h00 (Mauritian Time).

  -  Following joint screening of the Project Concept by TIA and MRIC, selected applicants will be invited for a pre-application                 guidance workshop. During the workshop, the applicants would be expected to come with pre-filled application form.

  -  Selected applicants will be invited to submit a full application/ proposal.

  -  Following joint assessment of the full application/ proposal by TIA and MRIC, applicants may be invited for a pitching exercise, during which they would be required to answer questions based on their application to a Joint Assessment   Committee       made up of technical experts from South Africa and Mauritius.

·   All mandatory fields in the Concept Note Application Form should be completed. Incomplete application forms will be disqualified.

·    Applications received after the due dates will not be considered.

For more information, please contact:

South Africa Mauritius

Contact Person Mr Teboho Seseng Mr Koushal Narrain

Institution Technology Innovation Agency Mauritius Research and Innovation Council

Email Address


Last updated: 21 September 2020


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