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Special Call for Proposals - Fast-track innovative projects to counter the impacts of COVID-19

A Special Call for Proposals was launched by the Council to encourage entrepreneurs, academics, researchers, enterprises and start-ups implement short- and medium-term projects that aim at improving and accelerating the Government’s response to the challenges posed by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and eventually contribute to counter the impacts and planning beyond of this deadly pandemic.

Support under this Special Call was targeted on two fronts, namely:

I. Technology-based products and services; and

II. Social and policy measures

The deadline for applications was 17th April 2020 at 14 hrs.

As a result of this Special Call for Proposals, the MRIC has received a total of 252 applications with the amount being requested from the MRIC amounting to MUR 315 Million.  Proposals were submitted by entrepreneurs, enterprises, research institutions and other stakeholders.

The applications were evaluated by a special independent panel. Below is the list of proposals which have been retained so far and for which contracts have already been signed with the applicant. These projects cover a broad range of areas such as: food security, e-learning, protective equipment, medical services related, impact assessment, improved and targeted support to vulnerable groups, products and solutions for reducing and containing the virus.

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