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Project Facilitator

The Mauritius Research and Innovation Council (MRIC) is inviting registration by eligible individuals as Project Facilitators. Project Facilitators will assist potential applicants to develop a Research and Innovation project proposal for funding consideration under one of the following schemes of the MRIC: Proof of Concept Scheme (PCS) and Social Innovation and Research Grant Scheme (SIRGS).


Actively participate in project proposal development from concept to submission to the MRIC for funding consideration. This will include, but not limited to:

  • Support the filling in of grant application forms.

  • Prepare, write, edit and proof-read project proposals in compliance with MRIC scheme requirements.

  • Liaise with the project team to collect and compile supporting documentation required for proposal submission.

  • Facilitate project logistics such as meetings, conference calls, etc. for the purpose of supporting project staff.

  • Assist in identification of potential research collaborators and/or other implementation partners. 

  • Identify innovative ways to disseminate and maximise impact of project outcomes. 

  • Track the outcome of submitted applications and respond to request for clarifications.


In the event the project proposal is approved by the MRIC, the Project Facilitator may continue working with the project team to:

  • Provide support in devising good quality interim progress reports, final report and presentations to comply with the grant requirements.

  • Assist in the impact evaluation of the funded completed project through participation in surveys by the MRIC.

Required skills/abilities

At a minimum, the Project Facilitator should possess:

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills to put together strong and compelling cases for funding support.

  • Proven track record in successful proposal writing and in securing research or innovation related grants.

How to register

How to register

Online registration form is available on:

  • All information provided by potential Project Facilitators will be kept in a database, which will be made available on the MRIC website.

  • The applicant (Project Leader and project team) will be free to choose from the database, a Project Facilitator with the relevant expertise to help them with project proposal development.


  • Project Facilitators will be paid a maximum honorarium of Rs 15,000 as from the Stage 2 Application process till the completion of an ongoing project out of the MRIC project funding.

  • A Project Facilitator will be allowed a maximum of 2 applications/projects being handled at a given time.

  • If the services of a Project Facilitator are retained, a contractual agreement and a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) between the applicant and the Project Facilitator should be submitted to the Council (templates of model contractual agreement and non-disclosure agreement will be made available on the MRIC website).

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