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TTO Policies and Procedures

The TTO currently functions as a service of the MRIC, in line with the Mauritius Research and Innovation Council Act 2019 (Act No. 5 of 2019), which mandates the Council to encourage commercial utilization of the results of Research and Development, and Innovation.

In view of the TTO’s engagement in the promotion and use of the IP system in the country’s research, innovation and development, coupled with a clear expectation that these activities are set to grow (especially among start-ups and the SME sector), the specific objectives of the TTO are to:

  • create value in inventions by protecting them with appropriate IP instruments;

  • ensure ownership rights on IP;

  • promote the timely transfer of commercially valuable knowledge and inventions to enterprises most capable of reducing them to practice;

  • enhance capacity of enterprises, especially SMEs, to leverage their IP assets for commercial development;

  • generate revenue for inventors; and

  • augment resources for continued industry-linked research through commercial licensing.


The MRIC-TTO Policy and Procedure document covers the policies and procedures adopted by the MRIC-TTO with regard to technology and IP produced by different stakeholders interacting with the Council (including universities, research, teaching and training institutions, enterprises and other inventors), and by the Council itself. The policies and procedures are also aligned with the recent recommendations of the Report on Intellectual Property Development and Commercialisation in Mauritius, especially regarding efforts to strengthen the TTO.

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