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Proof of Concept (PCS)

Prove your innovative concept



The Proof of Concept Scheme supports:

  1. startups;

  2. Micro, Small and Medium – sized enterprises (MSMEs), and Large enterprises/companies;

  3. Enterprises/companies in collaboration with research/academic institutions;

The aim of the PCS is to assist innovators in advancing their research outputs and ideas with a view to developing prototypes, establishing proof of concept and validating business cases.


  • Enterprises/companies and research/academic institutions must be already existing legal entities registered in the Republic of Mauritius;

  • Enterprises/companies and research/academic institutions may collaborate with:

    • other local or overseas enterprises, companies or institutions;

    • secondary and tertiary/higher education institutions (public or private) and polytechnics, that are registered and officially accredited with the relevant authorities;

    • Non-Governmental Organisations officially registered under the Registrar of Associations.

  • All primary technology development activities must be operated within the Republic of Mauritius.

Applications will be accepted in line with the following priority areas:

  1. Financial Innovation,

  2. Blue and Green Innovation,

  3. Health and Wellness Innovation,

  4. Travel, Tourism and Entertainment Innovation,

  5. Social and Grassroots Innovation,

  6. IT and Emerging Technologies Innovation,

  7. Rodrigues Innovation.

Funded Projects

Please find below the list of approved PCS project:

Showcasing some PCS Projects

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