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Step 1: Stage 1 Application

Step 1: Stage 1 Application

Administrative screening

MRIC may set up a Technical Sub-Committee which will review each proposal against standardized criteria to ascertain compliance to all administrative requirements. If the information provided is insufficient, a request for further information will be sent to the Project Leader or a meeting may be convened to discuss the proposal. Non-responsive proposals will not be considered. Rejected applications will be reverted to the Project Advisory Unit to advise for any improvement on proposal.

In the event that the applicant is a past beneficiary of an MRIC grant, a due diligence will be undertaken on their ability to manage and complete a project as well as their participation in previous outcomes/impact surveys carried out by the MRIC. A penalty of 5% will be applied to the overall score received for the application for non-participation in previous outcomes/impact surveys.

Pitching Process

During this stage, the applicant will be required to make a pitch presentation to an evaluation panel.

Evaluation Criteria

The criteria for assessment of project proposals include, where applicable, the following:

  • Innovativeness of the technology/ product/process/service;

  • Feasibility of initiative in terms of budgeting, objectives and activities;

  • Competence, capability and readiness of the team or entity to carry out the initiative and commercialise the opportunity;

  • Matching grants or part-funding will be given priority is encouraged;

  • Alignment with national priority areas;

  • Availability of funds;

  • Attractiveness of the product or service in the targeted market;

  • Potential impact of the innovation on the economy and society;

  • Alignment with sustainable development goals is encouraged

Scheme Assignment

Following 1st level screening and pitching exercise, selected projects will be matched to the most appropriate scheme. Research and Innovation Initiatives relevant under the SISM are as follows:

  • Proof of Concept Scheme (PCS)

  • Collaborative Research and      Innovation Grant Scheme (CRIGS)

  • Research and Innovation Bridges      (RIB)

  • Pole of Innovation Grant Scheme      (PoIGS)

  • Social Innovation Research      Grant Scheme (SIRGS)

  • National SME Incubation Scheme      (NSIS)

  • Enterprise Innovation Booster      Scheme (EIBS)

  • Public Sector Transformation      Scheme (PSTS)

  • Innovation Boost Grant

This will be contingent upon:

  • Project specificity

  • Specific eligibility criteria

  • Duration

  • Maximum funding requested

  • Part funding

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